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The Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition was created in 1976 by a group of U.S. Representatives from the 18 Northeastern and Midwestern states. Its initial purpose was to assist those legislators to unite the votes of their colleagues during complex and controversial votes on allocating federal monies among the states. In short order, the Coalition members found that they had common interests in numerous other issues related to the economic well-being and environmental health of the Northeast-Midwest region.

Perennial issues of concern to the 164 representatives from the region (38 percent of the House of Representatives) include home energy assistance to low-income families, assistance to small manufacturers, clean water and safe drinking water revolving fund monies, community development block grants, weatherization assistance, watershed ecosystem restoration, and trade adjustment assistance.

The bipartisan Coalition is co-chaired by Reps. James McGovern (D-MA), and Mike Kelly (R-PA).  It is staffed by Sam Breene.

Current Members (as of April 2015) of the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition are:


Barletta Lou R PA
Benishek Dan R MI
Capuano Michael D MA
Clarke Yvette D NY
Collins Chris R NY
Dent Charles R PA
Dingell Debbie D MI
Doyle Mike D PA
Duffy Sean R WI
Edwards Donna D MD
Fattah Chaka D PA
Fudge Marcia D OH
Hanna Richard R NY
Gibson Chris R NY
Higgins Brian D NY
Joyce David R OH
Kaptur Marcy D OH
Kelly Mike R PA
Kildee Dan D MI
Kind Ron D WI
Langevin James D RI
Levin Sander D MI
McGovern James D MA
Miller Candice R MI
Moore Gwen D WI
Neal Richard D MA
Nolan Rick D MN
Quigley Mike D IL
Renacci Jim R OH
Ryan Tim D OH
Rush Bobby D IL
Slaughter Louise D NY
Tonko Paul D NY
Tsongas Niki D MA
Turner Michael R OH
Upton Frederick R MI
Visclosky Peter D IN
Walorski Jackie R IN
Welch Peter D VT