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The House and Senate Great Lakes Task Forces are bipartisan working groups within the Northeast-Midwest Congressional and Senate Coalitions that cooperate to enhance the economic and environmental health of the Great Lakes. Founded in the mid-1980s, the Great Lakes Task Forces work together to advocate for policies and programs that enhance our unique natural resource—the Great Lakes. The bipartisan Northeast-Midwest Coalitions have worked for over 30 years to advance the economic competitiveness, environmental quality, and energy interests of this 18-state region.

Members of the Great Lakes Task Forces work together to build support for key regional programs to enhance environmental quality and economic development throughout the Great Lakes basin. The Task Forces convene member-level and staff-level events, including meetings, hearings, and briefings. They also collaborate to exercise agency oversight, and advance legislative and appropriation initiatives.

House Great Lakes Task Force Members (as of June 2014)

Benishek Dan R MI
Camp Dave R MI
Dingell (Co-Chair) John D MI
Duffy (Co-Chair)
Sean R WI
Fudge Marcia D OH
Higgins Brian D NY
Joyce David R OH
Kaptur Marcy D OH
Kelly Mike R PA
Kind Ron D WI
Levin Sander M. D MI
Miller (Co-Chair) Candice R MI
Moore Gwen D WI
Nolan Rick D MN
Peters Gary D MI
Quigley Mike D IL
Ryan Tim D OH
Slaughter (Co-Chair) Louise D NY
Upton Frederick R MI
Visclosky Peter D IN


Senate Great Lakes Task Force Members (as of June 2014)

Brown Sherrod D OH
Casey Robert D PA
Durbin Richard D IL
Franken Al D MN
Kirk (Co-Chair)
Mark R IL
Klobuchar Amy D MN
Levin (Co-Chair) Carl D MI
Schumer Charles D NY
Stabenow Debbie D MI