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Oct 21, 2014 Comments Off on Manufacturing and Workforce admin

The Northeast-Midwest region was once the industrial heart of the nation and manufacturing remains an important sector of its economy. Global competition has reduced the number of manufacturing jobs in the region, creating a legacy of environmental problems and brownfield sites, while challenging policy makers and manufacturers to focus on innovation and cluster development as a way to grow the manufacturing sector.

While some have written off the importance of manufacturing to the region’s future, manufacturing remains a key sector in terms of providing well-paying jobs and serving as an engine of growth. Cities such as Boston have thrived in part by creating a dynamic economy around the production of innovative new technologies and by encouraging cluster development. The region is home to a number of leading research institutions, such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and many others that can serve as anchors for innovation, as well as suppliers of the highly trained individuals needed to support the birth of new firms and industries.

The objective of Northeast-Midwest Institute’s work on manufacturing and workforce is to provide policy makers with information they need to make decisions about issues that affect manufacturing employment and competitiveness.



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